This is where traders speculate on price movements in stock Indices like the FTSE 100, the Dow Jones and DAX. Indices price movements and volatility are impacted by factors like political events, economic data and big changes in the currencies markets.

Indices are an indicator of the market development. Whether it has been declining or growing. Hence, it is easy to identify the current trend and development tendencies, and thanks to that we don’t have to study tables with stock value fluctuations. Every stock exchange and over-the-counter market has its own index.


Why invest

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Compared to other investment types, stock indexes provide an easy way to track the overall health of the economy. By looking at one statistical measurement and historical data of index movements, it is easy to make better decisions.

Since they merely track stock indexes, they are passively managed. This can save investors a lot of money over the course of their lives since less of their investment gains go toward fees and expenses.
FGMarkets offers you the opportunity to trade with indices with no hidden costs. What you profit from your investments are solely yours to keep.

It often makes sense for many investors to include index funds as a portion of their portfolios since academic studies have shown index funds outperform active management funds over time.

How it works

Market indices are divided into selection and summary indices. Selection indices include only the stocks of blue chip companies in the given market. Summary indices include all stocks traded in the given market.
There are two main techniques by which the values of stock exchange indices are determined – price-weighted indices and indices weighted by market capitalisation. Price-weighted indices – the value of the index is influenced by the prices of the included shares only. The higher the company’s share price, the more impact it has on the index value.
The volume of the shares traded is not taken into account at all.

Indices weight by market capitalisation – the value of the index is influenced by both the price as well as the volume of the shares put into circulation. Because of this, the greatest impact on the index value have large companies whose stocks are traded in large volumes.
Indices determined this way are by far more dominant.

How to invest

Simply create a trading account, deposit your funds, sign into the application and you are ready to start. Trading in market indices is easier than buying stocks. By tracing the most successful indices you eliminate the need to monitor the huge stock market and thus can concentrate merely on correctly estimated purchases and sales. Indices are also suitable for diversification, which will help secure your investments against potential down-swings.


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