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The total amount of earnings from a successful transaction.

Stands for Percentage In Point. The smallest unit of measurement used in Forex trading to determine exchange rates between multiple currencies.

The system used to perform transactions provided by a brokerage firm.

Price.Earnings Ratio (P/E)
The ratio used to value a company by comparing it’s current share price to it’s per share earnings.

Principal Value
The starting capital that a trader invests for transactions in the financial market.

Private Key
Electronic signature used to unlock cryptocurrency wallet and sign transactions.

Public Key
The cryptocurrency code given out when requesting a payment.

Pump and Dump
The process of inflating an assets value by purchasing a large quantity in the hopes that others will follow suit. Afterwords, the initial buyer will sell their assets in the hopes to make a profit from the inflated price.

Put Option
An agreement that allows a seller the option to sell a financial asset at a specified price with in a particular period of time. The seller however is not obligated to sell the asset.