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Germany’s leading stock index is called Deutsche Atkien Xchange, or DAX for short.

Day Trading
This is when positions on the market are opened and closed on the same day, rather than holding the positions overnight.

Dealing Desk
This is where a dealer facilitates transactions.

Cryptocurrency has allowed for decentralization of the markets. Unlike all other financial assets, cryptocurrency does not need to be traded by a trusted party.

This occurs when liabilities (losses) exceed assets (profits).

Demo Trader
An account that uses virtual money, allowing a potential investor to get acclimated to trading in the market before investing real money.

The decrease in monetary value of any financial instrument in response to the market.

Depth of Market
The volume of open buy and sell orders for a particular currency pair at a particular point in time.

A financial contract with a value deriving from an underlying variable asset.

A portion of a company’s profits paid to shareholders on a regular schedule.