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This term refers to low market cap cryptocurrencies. It originated as a term to describe all cryptocurrencies “alternative coins” other than bitcoin.

Anonymous Trading
Traders can opt not to disclose their identity while making offers or bids on the financial markets.

The increase in monetary value of any financial instrument in response to the market.

The simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset in order to increase profits with minimal risks.

Ask Rate
The lowest price a seller is willing to sell a financial asset, also known as an offer.

The instrument that a contract is based upon. This could be a stock, bond, or commodity.

Asset Location
An investment strategy that aims to balance risk and reward by distribute a portfolio’s assest according to a trader’s goals and risk tolerance.

At the Money
This term refers to a trade breaking even, meaing their neither a profit or a loss.

Attorney in Charge
An individual authorized to make transactions on the financial markets on behalf of the trader.

A slang term for the AUD/USD currency pair.

Authorized Dealer
A certified entity that engages in foreign currency transactions.

Away from the Market
An expression used when a buy or sell price deviates from the assets market price.